Markarth: Chain of Custody [Locked]

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Markarth: Chain of Custody [Locked]

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Locked until NPCing is done

The player comes across a Nord trader, two guards, and their carriage on the side on the road just south of the entrance into Markarth Side. The trader tells the player that while bringing ____ from Whiterun to Markarth Side, his carriage hit a ditch and broke its axle. He can't go into the city to ask about repairs for fear of leaving the guards alone with the carriage. Conversely, he can't send the guards into the city for fear of losing his protection. The trader asks the player to go into Markarth Side to find someone who will provide a new axle.

The player eventually finds NPC1 who can't provide an axle until the player retrieves something. The player must then go through a chain of NPCs, trying to recover what's owed to them.

NPC1 - Nord carpenter, Mk12
NPC2 - Breton smith, Mk31
NPC3 - Hunter, Mk41 or Mk29
NPC4 - Brewer, Mk27
NPC5 - Farmer, Mk38

NPC1 needs iron fasteners (just dialog) from NPC2 before he can provide the trader with a new axle.
NPC2 needs 2 pelts from NPC3 before he can provide NPC1 with metal fasteners.
NPC3 needs 4 drinks from NPC4 before he can provide NPC2 with pelts.
NPC4 needs 10 ironrye from NPC5 before he can provide NPC3 with drinks. (can get these through speechcraft or by picking the plants)

When the player finally makes everyone whole, 1 will tell the player to give the trader a quote and to wait one day for everything to exchange hands. While talking to the trader, the player can ask for more money to cover their run-around; success should be determined by player's Speechcraft level. Regardless, the trader will give the player enough gold to at least cover the carpenter's quote.

Upon returning to the carpenter after both getting approval and waiting one day, he will accept the gold and tell the player to return to the trader. The player tells the trader that the carpenter will begin work on the carriage; the trader then offers the player a reward from his goods and ends the quest. Afterwards, the carriage should disable when 1) one day has passed and 2) a CellChange event occurs (to try to prevent the player from seeing it disable). Preferably, the trader and his guards should appear in a local tavern (via PositionCell), and an identical carriage activator should enable in a location inside the city and/or near the carpenter's shop as appropriate.

Use prefix Sky_qRe_MS02_ for all custom IDs
ex: Sky_qRe_MK02_Journal for the quest ID
ex: Sky_qRe_MK02_Carriage1 for the initially-enabled carriage outside Markarth Side
ex: Sky_qRe_MK02_Carriage2 for the initially-disabled carriage inside Markarth Side

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