Mairager Quests: Reaching for Love [Locked]

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Mairager Quests: Reaching for Love [Locked]

Post by Texafornian » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:38 pm

Locked until Mairager is NPCed.

Reachmen quests for the Alovach Tribe in Mairager. Both should have the exact same title "Reaching for Love".

A son wishes to leave the tribe and go to Dragonstar to find a girl that had visited the tribe recently to trade goods. He seeks you out as an outsider, wanting to travel with you when you inevitably leave Mairager. You can either tell his mother, or agree to escort him out of Mairager to Dragonstar (pissing off the mother).

Reward from the mother if you inform her, reward from the son if you escort him.

Follow up quest. If you leave the son in Mairager, a few days later he'll leave anyways. Asking the Reachmen at the tribe tells you he left for Dragonstar via the main road, however upon asking people in Dragonstar about him, no one's seen him.

You can find his corpse on the road about halfway from the camp with signs that he was killed by bandits. Upon telling the mother of her son's corpse, she asks you to murder the bandits in retribution.

Alternatively, his killers could be another reachmen tribe, getting some nice interplay between tribes.

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