Nargozh Camp Quest: Reachman Thieves [Locked]

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Nargozh Camp Quest: Reachman Thieves [Locked]

Post by Texafornian » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:38 am

Locked until Nargozh Camp is NPCed.

Suggestions for a new quest name are welcome.

The Orcs of Nargozh Camp traded with a group of Reachmen but afterwards discovered that the latter stole something during their visit. They can't find them, but perhaps the player could be of help in tracking them down and recovering some item. They traded a few goats for a witch that wasn't a witch, but was in fact just a young Reachmen girl under a spell. So there is this disenchanted Reachmen girl in the camp who is under guard by the chieftain in his yurt. The girl refuses to talk to you due to the big orc with the axe, you have to speak to the chieftain first about it.

He asks you to you take the girl back to the Reachman camp. When you get there, the Reachmen say that they have already killed and skinned the goats. So you have some choices -- to get something of equal value in trade -- this is a Barter check (please don't make it obvious to the player Fallout-style like [Barter] <choice>). If you have a high barter skill, you get additional, more valuable options to take back in return for the girl. Or you can kill them in retribution, kill the girl, etc but these are “bad ends” to the quest. Best barter check -- they give you some powerful Reachmen trinket you can keep or return to the Orcs for some gratitude, 2nd best you get a load of furs etc which the Orcs will take in a bad situation, 3rd best you get very little and the Orcs at the camp don’t think too much of you.

Please use the ID prefix Sky_qRe_NAR02_.

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