Dragonstar East quest: The Fateful Guest [solarismin]

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Dragonstar East quest: The Fateful Guest [solarismin]

Post by Violet » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:10 pm

The journal ID should be Sky_qRe_DSE05_Journal

Must load:

Brielle in Dragonstar East has a visitor who claims they used to live in their house before the War of Bend'r Mahk, and is there to offer the owner an exciting investment opportunity (one that neither owner or guest is willing to discuss). However, no one in the city remembers them.

After some investigating you find out that the person died there during the war. Upon confronting the visitor, they reveal themselves to be a Daedra in the service of Clavicus Vile. The Daedra then tells the player that it's too late and Brielle has already agreed to their terms and has pledged their soul to the Daedric Prince.

You may either kill the Daedra to break the oath before he returns to his master, or let them be and allow the farner to carry on with her doomed soul. You may also add a third path in that allows you to trade something else in exchange for her soul, such as an artifact (claimant's choice).

Brielle's House is marked here: https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... height=631

If the Guardian is done and added into data before this gets claimed, I'd suggest the claimant use one of those for the Daedra, if not then go ahead and use a Dremora (the true form of the visitor can be changed into a Guardian when the Guardian gets finished).

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