Dragonstar East Quest: Alms for Mara [Unclaimed]

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Dragonstar East Quest: Alms for Mara [Unclaimed]

Post by Texafornian » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:41 am

See Yeti's dialogue for the House of Mara here: viewtopic.php?p=11253#p11253. Most, except for the Greeting 5 entries, has already been implemented in the DS sectionfile.
[Mara’s House – Nord Priestess]


Welcome, friend, to the House of Mara. May the Divine Mother bless you with compassion and virility in these harsh times. I regret needing to ask, but would you be able to aid Mara's work?


I am a priestess of Mara, the mother goddess. I oversee this house of worship, giving shelter to the poor and weary.

Mara's work

My work here is sponsored by the Imperial Cult, along with other benefactors. Mara's compassion is universal - recognized in both the Nord and Imperial pantheons. But there is never enough gold for everyone in need. Would you be willing to help me collect donations from the city's citizens? You would earn the Goddess's gratitude.
Helle, priestess of Dragonstar East's House of Mara, needs someone to collect donations from the citizens of DSE so that she can continue to provide for the poor and survivors of the War of Bend'r-Mahk.

The player is tasked with collecting 300 gold total from DSE NPCs. Most NPCs will give something like 5 or 10 gold (if the player doesn't have a low disposition), but a few generous souls will give 50 or 75. Helle can give the player some pointers on the citizens that have been generous in the past.

- Give all non-important DSE NPCs (not Jona, guards, etc.) a new script with all of the normal variables + a new short var Sky_DSE01. Set Sky_DSE01 to 1 in dialogue after receiving gold.
- Filter dialogue based on the Sky_DSE01 == 0, == 1, or NotLocal Sky_DSE01 == 0 (not present)

Please use the prefix Sky_qRe_DSE01_ for all IDs.

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