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1: Can be encountered mostly at night, in dark foresty places. (Some scripting equired to make forests more dangerous at night)
Related to spriggans? Fey?
Mid to high level creature, can come in numbers.
Should also possess a pretty high weakness to fire, but is immune to other elemental magic and poison. As big as a fully grown Nord.

2: Elder Kogling. An older and a bit more powerful version(some spells?). Have finally grown a face. Scream like a tree in agonizing pain( bursting wood)

3: A Nordic myth tells us the story of blood spilled beneath old pine trees makes them soak it up and grow angry and resentful. They start to bear a weird fruit. Once fallen to the ground, it goes through a transformation and eventually turn into a bloodthirsty warring Kogling.

optional: a third model of a small kogling about riekling height

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