Wind witch[unclaimed]

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Wind witch[unclaimed]

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Wind witch.
A fey type of creature physically manifesting as a dust-devil type of wind formation.

Background: An aggressive spirit of nature, not unlike the ice wraith of the icy wastes or the spriggan of the forests. Elemental spirits given life and appearance by their surroundings and sacred energies. The wind witch appears as whirling gust of wind, whose form is only discernible by the leaves and small twigs which are spiralled around its ghastly body. Common all over Skyrim, but often found in the wide plains and the remote wilderness.

Most Nords attribute the being as an aspect of Kyne, and they are treated with respect and fearfulness. Other folk legends depict them as malevolent Falmer witches. Clever-Men often carry a pouch of ashes with them when travelling. When encountering a wind witch, they blow the ashes at them, thereby revealing their corporeal form, after which they often flee. Some believe out of embarassment or shock, while others believe that the ashes soothe the being after which it retreats to mourn Shor. Some of these can be encountered later on, still covered in ashes and frightened from being exposed. Easier to spot, but perhaps even more vicious than before. Curiously, the ash witches are often found underground or near cave entrances.

Could be two models: tornado/dust devil shape for the wind witch (plains, forest, snow) and more defined figure for the ash witch (vaguely humanoid/wraith)

Plains and ash variations are the most important, but the creature type could include:
- Plains: Grass (mostly), leaves, twigs, thumbleweed
- Forest: Leaves (mostly), grass, twigs, moss
- Ash witch
- Snow?

Concept art by Ateiggaer:

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