Karthwasten House Interior #01

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Karthwasten House Interior #01

Post by Yeti » Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:03 pm

Interior #01

House # 01 - Redguard Palace (Nord Leader, Upper Class)

Archival Thread

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Post by Yeti » Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:04 pm

Posting roerich's file. This requires reviewing.
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Post by Luxray » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:31 pm

Sky_Int_Karthwasten_01 Review

Clean: yes

Dining Hall cell:

- no northmarker
- light settings possibly on bright side (will test ingame)
- some weird old co-ords on your objects here, so far as I can see things are gridsnapped, so I assume it was copypasted into a new cell? Can you try and make everything fit to the grid if you do this, as it's an awful pain to fix when
nothing is gridsnapped relative to the cell.
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_04 didn't go to ceiling (lots, I gave up counting)
- lots of pillars missing (I added them all)
- my god so much weirdness in how Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 lined up with each other. I fixed a lot of incidences where things weren't lined up etc
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_02 did not join with the upside down one
- lowered the Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 x2 by entrance so they were flush with bottom
- funny to see the sloped Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 pieces on the stairs weren't symmetrical, I fixed this
- Sky_Furn_Nord_Upper_Table_04 was floating(!)
- Sky_Ingred_Colovian_Bread_01 bleeding through plate
- Sky_Misc_Wooden_Platter_01 was floating
- Sky_Misc_Silver_Plate_01 was floating (x8)
- misc_com_silverware_fork was floating (x8)
- misc_com_silverware_spoon was floating (x8)
- Misc_Imp_Silverware_Cup_01 was floating (x8), also I put some rotation on those bad boys
- your stairwells looked very strange being non-symmetrical, so I corrected those
- added railings to the stairwell (x2)
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_01 bottom bleeding through wall (x2)
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Ceiling_01 was caspering (not even attached to the wood!)
- moved Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Wall_03 back to stop pillar caspering in stairwell (x2)
- Sky_Furn_Nord_Mid_Stool_01 was floating
- Sky_Furn_Nord_Mid_Stool_01 was bleeding into table
- Furn_rug_bearskin floating
- light_com_lamp_01_175 bleeding (x2)

Interior cell (foyer etc):

- fixed the weird placement of objects relatively around the doorway, pillars were flickering etc (I did this for each doorway)
- random pillar at 274 rotation part of the shell?? for what possible purpose. In fact: so very many strangely rotated pillars where it didn't need to be
- Sky_Ex_Redguard_Doorframe_02 not against wall properly
- put Sky_WindowLight_128s by the door windows
- Sky_Flora_Bjoulsae_Rose_02 was bleeding into the wall
- Sky_Furn_Planter_01 was floating (x4)
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_02 were bleeding through the pillars on the main entrancechamber side walls (x2)
- rotated Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_03 instances so that the texture lined it (the way Muspila made these models is really genius)
- moved the shrunk Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Screen_01 across so that the wood bit was hidden (for symmetry) (x2)
- caspering on the Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Railing_01 in the centre of the balcony (x4)
- textures on Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_01 weren't lined up in dining room
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02s weren't in line causing weirdness on the outside
- wtf was going on with the bleeding on the pillars on the Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Wall_01s by the walkway
- moved the ceiling in the libraryroom so it intersected with pillars properly
- Sky_Furn_Nord_Upper_Shelf_05 bleeding into ceiling in the treasury room
- Sky_Misc_Pipe_01 wasn't resting properly (also -- this model is huge!)
- text_paper_roll_01 was bleeding into the blue book
- Sky_bk_II_LegalBasics was floating
- not sure the model for _Sky_kw1_tax noticeUNFINISHED on the pinboard is classy enough :) I left it for now as it's unfinished anyway
- text_paper_roll_01 on Brinaud's table not resting on each other properly
- _TDF_sc_blankscroll in the bucket not resting properly
- elegantised and fixed the calumny of architecture around the stairwell (Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_0s crying for help here)
- moved Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 to cover the caspering of the bottom of the wall around the right side stairwell
- the wall made up of Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_01 wasn't even, had weird pillar caspering, general mess, I fixed this all and purtied it
- same for the ceiling joists
- overlaid a pillar on that weird combination of 2x pillars at the top of the stairwell
-Sky_Ex_Redguard_Tile_Door_01 didn't quite fit properly
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_04 in the kitchen didn't line up with the others
- neither did Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_03 you put in to cover caspering pillar by steps didn't line up! (x2)
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Ceiling_01 in the kitchen didn't meet the wall(!) I put some trans pieces in then lowered Sky_Furn_Com_Tapestry_Large_18
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 replaces Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_01 that had a caspering pillar piece in the kitchen
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_03 had some weirdness in the lower bedroom
- added another pillar to cover the corner of caspering ceiling in the bedroom
- fixed that trans step weirdness in the bedroom
- Sky_In_Nord_Fireplace_01_01 was facing the wrong way...
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Doorway_03 caspering
- more pillar mess
- turned that water panel in the bath into a soundless one
- deleted a load of Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 outside of the shell
- flora_ivy_01 sticking off into space (I just deleted it)
- fixed the placement of the rest of the ivy
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_04 caspering x4
- Sky_bk_IV_TheArgonianAccount_03 not resting properly
- lowered Sky_Furn_Nord_Upper_Crate_04 as bottle was bleeding through
- lowered that whole shelf (bear in mind 1 npc only comes to about 3/4 way up the walls)
- Sky_TR_Nord_Spear was bleeding a tiny bit
- Sky_Potion_RE_Vintage_Wine_01 was floating

01b Upper Floor

- deleted the extraneous extrashell stairs
- made the housing around top floor Sky_Ex_Redguard_Door_01 better
- added some Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Railing_01 at the top
- improved Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 ramp
- Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Deco_01 was caspering through the pillar
- put a Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_04 on the corner of that terracy bit
- one of the walls didn't meet the other properly, whacked on a Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_04 to fix
- corner of a Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Trans_02 was sticking out ceiling, I moved it along
- deleted extravagant_belt_02, didn't fit stylewise
- misc_uni_pillow_01 bleeding a bit into the bench
- Sky_Potion_RE_Vintage_Wine_01 not resting properly

01c Basement

- replaced Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_04 with 2x Sky_In_Redguard_Tile_Pillar_03
- Sky_Misc_Clothbolt_01 was floating
- Sky_Sack_01_04_Food_01 bleeding a bit much
- Sky_Ingred_Meat_Venison_01 not quite on the hook properly

01d Vault

- I dunno if they should have ebony / Dwemer stuff in the vault, I'll let that to Yeti etc
- are ____Sky_Direnni_lock_1 activators too big? idk. they are like the size of your head. but they are neat looking
- Sky_TR_Nord_Spear bleeding into wall slightly
- dragonscale_towershield wasn't resting on anything other tahn the floor
- ingred_diamond_01 was in a centre-of-mass-defying position

Move to finished
REVIEW_Sky_Int_karthwasten_01_finished_02 (2).esp
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Post by roerich » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:35 pm

Holy Shezzarine. Nice job!

The Direnni vault lock activator is a placeholder.

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Post by roerich » Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:57 am

Moved to finished.

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