Dungeon Tileset: Reman Forts (Imperial Ruins)

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Dungeon Tileset: Reman Forts (Imperial Ruins)

Post by Infragris » Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:08 pm

This is the least fully developed tileset we have right now, and it suffers from multiple critical issues which prevent it from being used optimally. The odd size of the set makes it awkward and difficult to use.
  • The exterior set is generally quite alright, albeit a little counter-intuitive in usage. However, several pieces should be copied and mirrored to make the set more versatile.
  • The interior set suffers from severe design errors. The tiles are very large and often overstep the maximum tile boundaries, resulting in clipping and limits to their use (for example, it is impossible to use two hallways side by side). The set should be overhauled entirely by scaling each piece down along one axis. Consider making a separate set of smaller, more claustrophobic hallways and rooms (similar to the difference between large and small tiles in the Imperial fort set)
  • Entrance/exit pieces are a bit weird. While functional now, they could be incorporated into the design of the dungeon better.
  • Columns are odd as well. One is a simple box, another one does not even reach to the ceiling.
  • Room entrances are missing.
  • Since ceiling and floor pieces are almost always divided, assets to create pits and galleries would add a lot of variety to this set.
  • Both weapons and armor for these locations are still missing. Refer to concept art for Second Empire legion uniforms.
  • Dedicated clutter (furniture, banners, misc items) for this set would be useful to distinguish them from the imperial fort ruins. These are not essential, however.
  • Dedicated creature types for this set have been conceptualized, but implementation has not yet begun.

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