Dungeon Tileset: Ayleid Ruins

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Dungeon Tileset: Ayleid Ruins

Post by Infragris » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:46 pm

A lot has been said about the Ayleid ruins that does not need to be repeated here. As it stands, the set is more or less usable, although some additions are sorely needed:
  • A large trove of interior and exterior pieces has been donated by the Beyond: Skyrim project, which fit our native set more or less seamlessly (since they are based on the same models). These must still be converted to the Morrowind nif format.
  • Various forms of clutter and utensils are still needed. These include Ayleid Soul-Mazes, eating talons, vases and urns, welkynd lantern/torches, flesh-sculpting instruments, idols/statuettes, rings, etc.
  • Other interior pieces still required are mostly furniture: statues, benches, bedframes, scrollcases, thrones, altars, lamps, and torture instruments. Refer to the Ayleid furniture topic for more information.
  • The Varla Stone mesh should be updated to follow the style of the Welkynd stone.
  • Creatures are a major issues for the Ayleid ruins. A number of concepts have been proposed, but due to their complexity, it might still be some time before they are made. In the meantime, Daedric enemies can fill this void.
  • The proposed "starwell" transportation system still needs to be fleshed out.

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