Dragonstar: Guild of Mages (Sky_iRe_Ds34)

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Dragonstar: Guild of Mages (Sky_iRe_Ds34)

Post by roerich » Sat May 13, 2017 1:36 pm

The Dragonstar Guild of Mages. Despite previously having collaborated with the Crowns, the general Redguard distrust of Magic doesn't make it easy for a Mage's guild to thrive in a Crown city. Should be a bit more run-down than other guildhouses, but still function as such.

Atrium/hall, sleeping quarters, lecture hall, study area+small library, storage, possibly an alchemist, possibly office for guild hall leader.

T_Nor_FurnM + T_Imp_FurnSky

Location number 34 on this map:


The exterior can be found here (use the latest file)

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