Dragonstar: Shadowkey Tavern (Sky_iRe_Ds7)

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Dragonstar: Shadowkey Tavern (Sky_iRe_Ds7)

Post by roerich » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:36 am

The famous Shadowkey Tavern. Offers rooms, drink and food. Low key frequented by the Thieves Guild, but not anything near being an actual guild house. Should be a half-seedy place, with lots of valuable information being traded in dark corners, and agents keeping a constant watch of everyone entering and leaving.

T_Nor_FurnM & T_Imp_FurnSky

Location number 7 on this map:


The exterior can be found here (make sure to use the latest file)

edit: There has been some significant changes to the exterior shell of this.

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