Brina Cross NPCs and General Dialogue[Violet]

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Brina Cross NPCs and General Dialogue[Violet]

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This is a claim to create the NPCs of Brina Cross in the CS and write general dialogue for the settlement in the following topics:
"latest rumors"
"little advice"
"little secret"
"my trade"
"someone in particular"
"specific place"
Load the following files and save as a new esp:
-Latest Cyrodiil_Main
-Latest PC_Anvil
Do not rename the interior cells.

NPCs by interior claim number:
Brina Cross
a. Aisal Sen(Redguard, f, caravaner): Transport on a merchant caravan to Anvil, Sutch, and Kvatch.
b. Passus(Redguard, f, commoner):
c. Merilla Varsius(Imperial, f, commoner):
Gold Coast Guards
31. North Guard Towers[Merged]
a. Guards
32. Kimoi Manor[Merged]
a. Arahn Kimoi(Redguard, m, merchant): Recently deceased influential merchant, part of a quest proposal for Brina Cross.
33. The Crossing Inn[Merged]
a. Christophe Marane(Breton, m, publican): Operator of the Crossing Inn (Oblivion character)
b. Kiara(Redguard, f, commoner): Maid (Oblivion character)
c. Legion Soldier #1-2: passing through on patrol. Not to be confused with local town guards.
e. Alsia Juvanus(Imperial, f, priest): Pilgrim-priest of Kynareth, maybe trainer/spell merchant.
f. Ramus(Redguard, m, commoner)
34. Medericus Manor
a. Antonius Medericus(Colovian, m, noble): wealthy landowner and Aliyew brewer. Owns one or two of the nearby farms.
b. Prilla(Bosmer, f, commoner): Servant.
35. Halgern Manor
a. Thelius Halgern(Colo-Nord, m, noble): Lord Protector of the Crossroads in the Colo-Nordic tradition, and governor of the town.
b. Salonia Halgern(Colo-Nord, f, noble): Wife of Thelius.
c. Istah(Redguard, m, commoner): Cook, servant.
d. Larius Voro(Colo-Nord, m, noble): Intendant to Thelius, a kind of knight protector in Colo-Nordic traditions.
e. Gold Coast Guard
36. White Scarab Company Warehouse
37. West Guard Towers
a. Guards
38. Colovian Traders Warehouse
a. Bareis White-Eye(Nord, m, commoner): Warehouse worker.
b. Obbru gro-Shara(Orc, m, commoner):Warehouse worker.
39. Temple of Mara
a. Melia Simerius(Imperial, f, priest service): Priestess to Mara.
40.Mandilaron Sundries
a. Lihien Mandilaron(Bosmer, f, pawnbroker): Pawnbroker.
41. Maricius’ House
a. Larenis Maricius(imperial, m, drillmaster): Retired legion officer.
b. Juliana Maricius(Imperial, f, commoner): Wife of Larenis.
42. Petri's House
a. Petri(redguard, f, warrior): Retired Legion soldier with a mysterious past.
43. Karlorume's House
a. Karlorume (altmer, f, agent) : Local scribe.
44. Mikol's Shack
a. Mikol(Colo-redguard, f, commoner): Commoner.
b. Jopath(Colo-redguard, m, commoner): Commoner.
45. South Guard Towers
a. Guards
b. Nerilius Ludos(Imperial, m, soldier): Guard Captain.
46. Bareis’ Shack
a. Bareis White-Eye, laborer and husband of Nais, is not present but works in the Colovian Traders warehouse.
b. Nais White-Eye(Nord, f, commoner): Wife of Bareis.
47. Passus’ Shack
a. Passus is not home.
48. Varsius' Shack
a. Elis Varsius(Imperial, m, commoner): Commoner.
49. Sirolius Manor
a. Medina Sirolius(Colo-Nord, f, noble): Local landowner and minor noble. Owns some of the nearby farms.
b. Fenna(Bosmer, f, servant): Maid.
50. Medericus Aliyew Distillery
a. Stendinus Menila(Colovian, m, scribe): Overseer for the brewery
b. Conidis Pullia(Colovian, m, commoner): Common laborer
c. Yemath(Bosmer, m, commoner): Common laborer
51. The Standard Issue Smithy
a. Brescis Telettian(Imperial, m, smith)
b. Ris gra-Kerrar(Orc, f, smith): Smith's apprentice
52. North Wind Merchants
a. Irsu(Redguard, m, general merchant)

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Tentative claim.

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