Northern GC Farms [Unclaimed]

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Northern GC Farms [Unclaimed]

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This is a claim to create the NPCs of Weylus Farm (-117, -47), Felcius Farm (-116, -48), and Gavach Farm (-118, -49), as well as any fisherman homes on the coast just north of Thresvy (-125, -46), in the CS and write general dialogue for the settlement in the following topics:
"latest rumors"
"little advice"
"little secret"
"my trade"
"someone in particular"
"specific place"
"local area"*
"local economy"*
*NOTE: "local area" and "local economy" seem particularly excessive for farm and fisherman houses outside of a settlement. I wouldn't use local economy here, nor would I use local area unless you specifically wanted to give the head of that farm a line about it. They are only on the above list for completeness's sake. As these settlements do not have a map marker, all dialogue in this claim will likely be unique. Having unique dialogue is a great thing, but don't overdo it. Be careful as to not give too much unique dialogue to any single individual. Usually just 2 or 3 lines per NPC (at most) is good for the vast majority of these types of npcs, unless there's something particularly unique about them to warrant them standing out more.

Load the following files and save as a new esp:
-Latest Cyrodiil_Main esp
-Latest PC_Anvil
Do not rename the interior cells.

Important notes and guidelines to the individual areas:

Those that own the farms themselves all live in Brina Cross. The farms here are under Brina Cross jurisdiction (which in turn is under County Anvil jurisdiction, naturally). The following nobles own the respective farmland.

-Felcius Farm is owned by the noble Antonius Medericus. The only home here is Bassius's Shack, which has 2 bedrolls. So Bassius Felcius and 1 other NPC will need to be made for this farm. 2-3 NPCs.

-Weylus Farm is owned by the noble Medina Sirolus. Weylus Farms has an apple orchard, grows spikerice, and is into cattle herding (an npc already in the file, Bysel, is one of the herders for Weylus). 1-2 NPCs + Bysel.

-Gavach Farm is also owned by Medina Sirolus. Gavach Farm raises chickens as well as growing spikerice, it has 2 orchards as well. Needless to say, it's the biggest in this claim. Vulpin Gavach is the head of the farm. There's also Vyric, who has a house here as well. 2-5 NPCs.

-The singular fishermen "settlement" is made up of 2 shacks. They are the homes of Elendroth and Karam.

Make sure to load with the addon when testing the file!

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