PC_Misc_Silk_Cloth_?, PC_Misc_Silk_Clothbolt_?[Final]

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PC_Misc_Silk_Cloth_?, PC_Misc_Silk_Clothbolt_?[Final]

Post by worsas » Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:48 pm

Cloths and Cloth bolts of Nibenese silk.
Infragris wrote:Time for words:
Lady N's On Silk is an important text. In terms of the actual item, the most important thing to remember is that raw, untreated silk has a reddish-brown base color. This can be bleached and dyed for the finished cloth.

The Silk Weavers Guild: speculative text on the practice of silk weaving. The section on different kinds of silk is probably the most useful: in Anvil, we would likely see Kert-silk and Kur-silk meant for export. I also speculated that people could use the silk shops as a kind of stock exchange or bond system, with bolts of cloth serving as indicators for goods and shares.

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