Reviewing 3D models

Claimed work is Reviewed here before being marked as Complete
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Reviewing 3D models

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If you have any points that you consider needed as further checkpoint, let it be known here. These points are only for non-animated object yet.

1. Functional

-Are the filenames and IDs correct?
-Polycount appropriate?
-Does the size make sense?
-Do the values of the object make sense?
-Are there icons (and groundmeshes in case of clothing)?
-Can the item be equipt properly? Is it assigned to the correct body parts? Do certain npc-animations not cause issues?

-Are the filenames and IDs correct?
-Polycount appropriate?
-Does the size make sense
-Does the object feature a functioning collision object or the NCO-flag? (very low-poly objects can do without a collision object)

Textures and Icons
-Are the filenames correct?
-Are the texture dimensions apropriate?
-Does the dds-file use the right compression? An opaque texture should use DXT1. Textures with Alpha can have DXT3 or DXT5.
-Does the dds-file have mip maps?

Interior Tiles
-Do the tiles snap properly?

2. Visual

-Are there notable holes in the mesh?
-Are there apparent uv-stretches?
-Does the object stylistically appear fitting in the game environment?
-Does the object appear sensible in the world context?

3. Testing

To verify the above points, each object is tested ingame. Clothing and armor must be tested with a female and a male character respectively. Collision is tested by walking and jumping against the object.

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