Mangrove Trees [Worsas]

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Mangrove Trees [Worsas]

Post by chef »

4 mangrove trees from Beyond Skyrim and Enderal.
The poly count needs to be reduced, and some leaves may need to be removed if they are deemed excessive. Infragris would like a lighter coloured bark texture. Collision meshes also need to be made for each tree.

These trees will be used along the Strid and the marshy area of Kvetchi Pass to pay service to the Colovian mangroves described in PGE1, though I tagged them as global since other provinces seem interested in using them as well.
author: Enderal Team and Beyond Skyrim Assets
permission granted by Larrian
added Feb 2012, from: Enderal
IDs: T_Glb_Flora_Mangrove_01 to 04
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Post by worsas »

I added collision but didn't change anything else about models or textures.
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