PC_In_Chapel_? [Infragris]

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PC_In_Chapel_? [Infragris]

Post by Infragris » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:36 pm

A general Imperial Temple tileset (called Chapel because that's what the existing window and altar models are designated as). This set would be used for the major temples and monasteries of the Nine Divines (excluding things like village chapels and shrines in Legion forts), but also for temples of other gods, such as the Red Dome Temples.

The basic shape of this tileset is based off of Gevalt's Ald Krieg tileset, which he has graciously donated to the project. At the moment, a basic tileset is done, but a lot minor issues still have to be corrected (mainly UV's). These also still need new textures. Exteriors have not yet been started.
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