Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv06[Unclaimed]

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Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv06[Unclaimed]

Post by worsas » Wed May 17, 2017 8:10 pm

Saint Amiel Officer Club. A society club and restaurant which was originally exclusive to officers of the West Navy, but has now been opened up for a wealthy clientele in general. This should be a wealthy interior.

Building 6 on this map:

Please use the T_Imp_SetGC_I - Set.

The exterior file can be gotten from this thread. Always use the latest file.

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Post by Infragris » Wed May 17, 2017 8:49 pm

Saint Amiel Officer Club:
a. Vasil Richton (Imperial, m, noble) Ex-officer of the West Navy. Distant descendant of his famed namesake, Admiral Amiel Richton, to whom the officer’s club is dedicated. Runs his society club as a lounge for Navy officers and high society types. Vasil is a very forthright and friendly character (unlike his ancestor).
b. Ofelius Kuma (Nibenese, m, Master-At-Arms) Officer of the West Navy. Originally from the southern Nibenay. Despite his aloof and reserved manner, Kuma is rumored to be quite the seducer, possibly even an initiate in an eastern Dibella sub-cult.
c. Riserius Linchal (Colo-Nord, m, knight) A young Colovian noble, second son of Lord Linchal, a prominent house north of Kvatch. Has large gambling debts with the Thieves Guild-affiliated loan shark, Othesarre. The Thieves Guild is pressuring him into helping them with a heist. Quest-relevant.
d. Millin (Bosmer, f, commoner) Servant and waitress.
e. Austerne Ballard (Breton, m, publican) Runs the counter and kitchen in the society club. Has a selection of fine food and wines for sale.
f. Lernius Cinisa (Imperial, m, Knight) Officer of the West Navy.
The interior should resemble something like a wealthy boating club: large dining room/restaurant, salons, smoking rooms, music rooms, games rooms, etc. Serivce may be restricted based on how expensive player clothing is.

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