Gold Coast Interior Claim PC_i2-77[Unclaimed]

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Gold Coast Interior Claim PC_i2-77[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:13 pm

Brinemoth Legion Fort
Exterior Location #1 on this map:

Description:Brinemoth Fort is a ruined Legion fort. For a comparable case, look at Broken Gate Fort east of Brina Cross. The fort was a legion defense garrison built during the Septim Empire. Like Broken Gate, Fort Matillis, and the villages of Thresvy/Thraswatch and Crowhaven, Brinemoth was destroyed by the armies of the Camoran Usurper a little over 100 years ago. After that war, the Legion decided to not to rebuild due to budget constraints. Brinemoth Fort could perhaps feature undead enemies, due to the Usurper association.

Please use the T_Imp_LegionCyr set.

The exterior file can be found in this thread.
Always use the latest file.

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