Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv59[Unclaimed]

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Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv59[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Wed May 30, 2018 12:28 pm

Seaside Flophouse West

A flophouse inhabited by addicts with a secret Skooma Den in the attic.

Building 59 on this map:

Please use the T_Imp_SetGC_I - Set

59. Seaside Flophouse West(secret Skooma den in attic)
a. Drizeri(Khajiit, m, pauper): Skooma addict.
b. Durmak Gro-Bakar(Orc, m, pauper): Skooma addict.
c Orena(Imperial, m, pauper): Skooma addict.
d. Thuyya(Redguard, f, pauper):Skooma addict.
e. Karinria(Altmer, f, pauper):Skooma addict.
f. [i[A few more addicts live here, they are around Anvil. Make sure to have room for 7-10 inhabitants total.[/i]
The exterior file can be found in this thread.
Always use the latest file.

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