Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv46[Unclaimed]

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Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv46[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Tue May 29, 2018 10:58 pm

Larcha's Apartments(middle class)

Building 46 on this map:

Please use the T_Imp_SetGC_I - Set

46. Larcha's Apartments
a. Larcha(Breton, m, merchant):Owner of the building. Lives on the top floor.
b. Quill-Weave(Argonian, f, acrobat): Aspiring author, lives on the second floor.
c.Slaffid Somber-Cleaver(Nord, m, warrior):Tenant, lives on the first floor with his roommate, Traelius. A subdued, no-nonsense mercenary known for getting the job done.
d.Traelius Manis(Breton, m, commoner):Tenant, lives on the first floor with his roommate, Slaffid. Abhors violence, and doesn't get along very well with Slaffid.
The exterior file can be found in this thread.
Always use the latest file.

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