Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv45[Unclaimed]

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Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv45[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Tue May 29, 2018 7:21 pm

The Spearmouth Inn

Building 45 on this map:

Please use the T_Imp_SetGC_I - Set

45. The Spearmouth Inn
a. The Arenthian(Bosmer, ???): Mysterious master-thief and leader of the Anvil thieves guild.
b. Faustina Cartia(Imperial, f, spellsword): mid-ranking member in the thieves guild. Cartia wants to found the Sirens, an all-female thieves' gang working under the auspices of the Guild. She needs the player's help to convince her friends and ex-colleagues, who are working in various taverns and brothels in Anvil to join her.
c Old Man Theft(Nord, m, savant): An old veteran of the guild- so old, in fact, that nobody remembers his actual name.
The exterior file can be found in this thread.
Always use the latest file.

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