Ayleid Scroll texts

Discussion of Elder Scrolls lore and how it will be used in Province: Cyrodiil
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Ayleid Scroll texts

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A quick overview of the Ayleid scroll bookarts:
  • Av molag anyammis av latta magicka: from fire, life; from light, magic (fire, lights spells)
  • Barra agea ry sou karan: Wear lore as your armor (shields, bound armor)
  • Agea haelia ne jorane emero laloria: terrible wisdom never betrayed the loremasters (restore attributes?)
  • Suna ye sunnabe: bless and blessed be (healing etc.)
  • Racabe: be destroyed (destruction spells)
  • As balangua mittanye: by my power, I enter (unlocking)
  • Va garlas agea gravia ye goria, lattia mallari av malatu: in the caverns of lore, ugly and obscure, shines the gold of truth (light, fortify attributes?)
  • Vabria frensca sa belle sa baune amaraldane aldmeris adonai: the foaming wave, so thunderous, so mighty, heralds the lordly Elves (charm, intimidate)
  • Heca gaian angua adabala: stand aside, fear my divine power (fear)
  • Shanta goriamora amaraldanye: come, obscured Daedric heralds (summoning)

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