The Septim Lineage and Claims to Thrones

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The Septim Lineage and Claims to Thrones

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This is an attempt of organizing and cataloging the various members and claims of the Septim Line. This image was created using Lady-N's original Septim Family Tree and adding the claims onto it. Since this is a working file for PT and its related canon, updating the tree for each project's narrative and lore is important.

The claims are primarily based on three in-game books/series, 'Brief History of the Empire', 'The Madness of Pelagius' and 'The Wolf Queen'. The last one is somewhat disputable so there have been small labels attached to the related materiel pull from the book which question whether they are 'fake'.

Here are some things that have been added and assumed on this tree that are NOT canon in lore but help to explain how the claims are passed on:
* Tiber Septim, after conquering Valenwood and perhaps Summerset, deposes the leaders of Silvenar and installs his brother, Agnorith, to watch over the former Aldmeri Dominion. This is how Kintyra got the claim.
* Kintyra passes down the claim to Silvenar to her son, Uriel, who in turn passes it to his son, Uriel II.
* Uriel II grants the claim to Silvenar to his second son, Ameil, planning for his first son, Pelagius II, to rule as Emperor. Ameil's line continues on after this point with the claim to Silvenar.
* After Tiber Septim conquers Wayrest, he deposes the Horley Dynasty and installs a merchant-prince counsil instead. This does not work out in the long run, as they quickly become corrupt and disobedient, forcing Pelagius II to disband the counsil and install his eldest son, Magnus, from his second(?) wife, the princess of camlorn.
* Pelagius III is granted the claim to Wayrest and in turn gives his claim to Solitude to his sister, Jolethe. Its required to give Pelagius III the claim at some point so his son can have the claim (which is important to establish to stay consistent with lore).
* Cephorus II is probably related to Kintyra II in some way, giving him a better claim to the throne than the whole left side of the tree. This would also let the elder counsil be rid of the troublesome left side's baggage and start fresh with a line closer to the original.
* After Andorak Lariat declared a succession war against Cephorus II, Cephorus II retook Wayrest and returned it to Septim rule (prosumedly a decendant of Jolethe since they are likely to be the closest living relatives to the original Septim claimants) which revoked the claim the Lariats had on Wayrest.
* Lady-N's original tree shows children between Ulfe Gersen and Morihatha Septim, despite her reportedly having no children and clearly having no viable heirs when you look at who succeeded her. It is likely they don't exist or are step-children.
edit: Updated tree

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