Gold Coast Exterior: GC_00 [Kaiel]

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Gold Coast Exterior: GC_00 [Kaiel]

Post by Infragris » Wed May 10, 2017 8:31 pm

This claim involves the finished exterior claims in the eastern areas of the Gold Coast. Changes to be made are:

Flora Containers:
  • Add new variations of the Aloe Vera.
  • Add Apple trees (possibly replacing older oak tree meshes and such)
  • Replace all Milk Thistles with Spike Rice
  • Add variations of Ginseng
  • Add green Stain Shelves (rare)
  • Add Water Hyacinth color variations
  • Review Fort Strand, remove Anvil-specific wood pieces
  • Expand farmland around Brina Cross
  • Add Imperial Highway from Brina Cross (see Anvil file)
  • Shuffle landscape
  • Add some shrines to the major roads
If no-one objects, I'll claim this for myself.

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Post by Infragris » Sun May 21, 2017 9:37 am

  • Replaced all milk thistles and valenwood plants
  • Reshuffled some of the busier landscape areas
  • Started on Brina Cross farmland and Imperial Highway
Gold Coast v1.6.esp
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Post by Infragris » Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:09 pm

Okay, here's the latest version of this file. Besides a lot of bugfixing and the replacement of deprecated flora, the most important aspects of this are the addition of the highway starting from Brina Cross, some extra farmland south of that town, and edits to the Fort Strand mining pit. I consider this to be finished. IF this and berry's claim can get reviewed by someone, we can merge them and maybe start on hooking up the interior cells.
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Post by Infragris » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:48 am

UPDATE: I've re-added the interior cells to this claim, and hooked up all the load doors. I've also given the interiors another quality pass, noticed a lot of stuff that needs to be changed in the near future. My most important qualms:
  • There are still some deprecated/inappropriate flora containers and books that need to be replaced. No problem in itself. However, there are also instances of dunmer books, objects, and light sources used, in obviously inappropriate places. It is very difficult to pick up on these things after they have been placed, so please pay extra attention to this in the future.
  • Most Colovian barrows were made before most of the barrow clutter was added. This is noticeable in many places. I've gone through most barrows, replacing chests and adding some misc clutter where appropriate.
  • Most Ayleid dungeons are still very sparse. Some of our new misc clutter can already be added, but for the most part we will have to wait until the the B:S donated assets can be ported to the Morrowind engine.
  • Some caves and barrows were not found on the older dev maps. They have been added in the latest version.
  • There was also a couple of rather questionable easter eggs and oddities that might seem interesting at the time of making, but become intrusive and obnoxious in retrospect.
  • All in all quality control should not just focus on technical aspects, but also on content.
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Post by Infragris » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:35 pm

I've made a large review file for the interiors now included into this release. The intent of this is not to disparage earlier work of interior reviewers (which is very good in finding technical errors and bugs), but to align these places with our current plans and to fix lore and gameplay inconsistencies. I should note that it be better to look at an earlier GC file with merged interiors (so not the one above) to understand the problems I am referring to, as I have thoughtlessly already made some edits in the WIP file above.

  • Deprecated books and plantlife shouldbe replaced (an ongoing thing)
  • Paintings placement has been reviewed due to different proportions of the new paintings: these have all been inspected and corrected.
  • Most barrow interiors were made before the new barrow clutter made. I've added a small amount of new items for each barrow, sometimes replacing more modern ware (containers, septim coins, etc.)
  • Ayleid interiors should be updated with the new interior pieces once they have been ported from Beyond: Skyrim.
  • Old Imperial Ruins still pose some problems due to proportion errors, which will have to wait until the better proportioned meshes are in. Luckily, there are only one or two of them.
  • Rural GC houses were apparently made before the interior set was complete, resulting in the use of exterior shells as makeshift walls. These have all been replaced.
PC_i2-01 Broken Shrine Grotto
A very small, cozy grotto.
NOTE: I would like to add the titular "broken shrine" (T_Imp_Set_Shrine_Saint_brk_01) to the back of the cave and use this as a possible Imperial Cult quest: to find and rededicate the shrine to whatever saint was once worshiped here.
NOTE: Let's not put any enemies into this cave

PC_i2-02 Harkisius Barrow
A small, one-chamber barrow. It was not present on the older development map, has now been added and given a new name (Harkisius, subject to review)
NOTE: enemies should be ghost/barrow type

PC_i2-03 Beccha Barrow
A small, one-chamber barrow.
NOTE: enemies could be ghost/barrow type

PC_i2-04 Gweden Farm & PC_i2-05 Gweden Farm, Barn
Small, isolated farmhouse.
NOTE: This interior contained dunmer candles (de_light). Replaced with com ones
NOTE: inhabited by a Colovian farmer, the target of a possible Sirens questline for the Anvil Thieves Guild.

PC_i2-06 Agi Bay Grotto
Medium grotto. No notable features.
NOTE: wilderness/grotto creatures, maybe one or two smugglers.

PC_i2-07 Miskar Barrow
Small, two-chamber barrow.
NOTE: enemies should be ghost/barrow type

PC_i2-08 Thesigir Chasm
Massive cave complex.
NOTE: this cavern suffers from multiple problems: it is enormous, very dark with no directional lights, goes very deep (possibly engine-breaking), has way too many references (+4000), and contains almost no loot. In other words, it is not a fun place for the player to visit. I'd like to rework this interior by removing some of the superfluous references, splitting the cavern up in two cells, and by adding some gameplay-related conveniences (some ambient lights, loot rewards)
NOTE: multiple enemy types are possible due to the size of the cave: smugglers/bandits on the top level, creatures on the bottom. This place is also referenced in the new Fighters Guild questline as a possible quest location.

PC_i2-09 Clisius' Shack
Small fisherman shack
NOTE: home to Clisius Hermontar, Colovian fisherman.

PC_i2-10 Miris' Shack
Small fisherman shack
NOTE: home to Miris, a Bosmer commoner/fisherman. Use of exterior shells as makeshift interior walls, fixed

PC_i2-11 Rilsyl Barrow
Medium Colovian barrow, has an interesting firepit design.
NOTE: enemies should be ghost/barrow type. Maybe a Flame Atronach due to the firepit?

PC_i2-12 Strand Mine
Large, multiple cell interior.
NOTE: probably of great use for an Imperial Legion questline originating in Fort Strand (retrieve something from the haunted lower depths) or maybe Imperial Cult Arkay-focused qeust (lay to rest ghosts of miners)
  • PC_i2-12_01 Strand Mine, Upper Gallery
    Enormous mine complex, still in use by the Legion. Iron ore. Contains a scripted elevator.
    NOTE: test stability of mine elevator scripts.
    NOTE: should be populated with miners and Legion soldiers (non-hostile)
  • PC_i2-12_02 Strand Mine, Lower Gallery
    Another large mine complex. This part of the mine is abandoned following a collapse.
    NOTE: enemies are ghost type (already a couple present in cell)
  • PC_i2-12_03 Strand Mine, Coal Pit
    Sort of a warehouse/coal pit inside of the mine.
    NOTE: more miners, maybe an administrator or clerk of some sort.
PC_i2-13 Fort Strand
Large, multi-cell fortress complex. Quest hub for local Imperial Legion quests.
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, Armory
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, Commander's Chamber
    NOTE: change name of cell depending on rank/name of commanding officer.
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, General Quarters
    NOTE: removed a copy of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", fixed some clipping issues. There's a large double room here that could be made better by making some custom Legion interior assets, or by sanitizing those that are already in data but have usability issues.
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, Guard Quarters
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, Prison
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, South Tower
  • PC_i2-13 Fort Strand, Stendarr Chapel
    NOTE: I'd like to develop the chapel inside the fort as dedicated to Stendarr specifically, instead of to all the Divines. Put this in the maybe column until the Imperial Cult discussion has been hashed out completely, though.
  • PC_i2-14 Fort Strand, The Iron Man Tavern
    NOTE: I've given the fort tavern the temporary name "The Iron Man Tavern". It is mainly frequented by the miners and laborers in the fort, distinct from another tavern-like space inside the fort which is exclusive to troopers.
PC_i2-15 Smoke Hole Cavern
Large, dark cavern. Purely natural.
NOTE: Creatures I guess. No loot?

PC_i2-16 Valsar
Small Ayleid ruin. Home to a renegade sorceror or wizard of some sort. Could be a Bosmer maybe, pick up on the border problems metanarrative.
NOTE: lacks any ayleid furniture. Revisit to place some of the new assets (once the BS assets are ported)
NOTE: maybe Mages Guild quest material

PC_i2-17 Crow Hall Cave
Large, natural cave split into three parts.
NOTE: impressive, but a little dark. Could use some slight ambient lighting.
NOTE: Use creatures

PC_i2-18 Akna Mine
Vast, abandoned mine complex, infested with goblins.
NOTE: there is a supply room here with an enormous amount of iron ore crates in a very artificial stack, locked behind two 100pts doors. It looks quite moddy, inappropriate. The cell also included three notes that were dated a couple of years after (!) the beginning date of Morrowind. Since the notes do not much backstory to this location, I would like to simply remove them and rework the supply room to be a difficult to get into, but reachable location with a more modest reward.
NOTE: enemy types: goblins, maybe some ghosts.
NOTE: could be used for a quest of some type.

PC_i2-19 Blackfish Cave
Medium cave inhabited by bandits or smugglers. Kind of sparse, but not too much. Contains two dead prisoners.
NOTE: This cave was not on previous maps, now added. Temporary name.
NOTE: dead prisoners could be used in a quest.

PC_i2-20 Karskaer Barrow
Small, two-chamber barrow with an interesting water feature and hidden moon sugar smuggling spot.
NOTE: contains a dumb Breaking Bad easter egg: pusing a secret button will reveal a hidden spot with a crate full of moon sugar and an immersion-breaking message. I'd like to rework this implementation to be a) less derivative, and b) possibly tied to a Legion or Thieves Guild questline to do with these smugglers and their activities.
NOTE: should be populated with smugglers, or maybe left empty.

PC_i2-21 Gosha Inn
Small roadside inn on the edge of the Gold Coast.
NOTE: should have a rentable room and supplies for sale. The only bit of civilization in these parts. Couple of quests could touch on this place too
NOTE: maybe add some caravaners, dibella pilgrims on their way to Anvil or something like that.

PC_i2-22 Kar Toronr Barrow
Medium colovian barrow containing a large firepit and "modern" imperial flags and decoration. Contains a coffin with a unique artifact "Ring of Horner"
NOTE: apparently the grave of an Imperial soldier or commander? Possible quest hook, though it could also be left alone as a random find. Largest problem is the mix between old barrow stuff and modern Imperial things.
NOTE: maybe use Imperial skeleton creatures here instead of barrow-type undead.

PC_i2-23 Vitta Barrow
Large, multi-chamber barrow with maze-like, twisting passages. Contains a dead adventurer.
NOTE: very nice, but also very dark. Not a lot of reward for investigating.
NOTE: contains a note that doesn't really fit the barrow esthetic or time period. I would like to remove or rewrite this.

PC_i2-24 Gula Cave
Small cave that turns into an Ayleid ruin halfway through. Contains a couple of goblin things, but otherwise very sparse.
NOTE: uses tribunal goblin stuff: was this permitted or are we adamant about only using our own goblin gear?
NOTE: Spruce up the place with more ayleid furn stuff once it it ported
NOTE: maybe shift focus from goblin to pure Ayleid - daedra, spirits etc. Lot of gobbo stuff already

PC_i2-25 Broken Gate Fort
Large Abandoned fort. Contains a hidden cave with necromancer junk
NOTE: this fort was abandoned after the war against the Usurper. Hidden part could contain Bosmer necromancers. Possible quest hook for either sload interference or the history of the Usurper
NOTE: enemy type: ghosts and Legion skeletons

PC_i2-26 Garlas Agea
Large Ayleid ruin, partially used by smugglers
NOTE: Garlas Agea is supposed to be the most prominent Ayleid ruin in this region. The top level is used by smugglers, the lower levels are sealed and filled with Ayleid enemies.
NOTE: very sparse and unfinished looking right now. Also some questionable use of assets meant to mimic the look of Oblivion ayleid assets we do not yet have in data. I suggest that this ruin be revisited once the Beyond Skyrim ayleid meshes have been ported. Ayleid furniture can then be added alongside.

PC_i2-27 Shor's Teeth
Enormous multi-cell cave/reman ruin labyrinth with traps etc.
NOTE: a very impressive, noteworthy interior. This place can be used to flesh out the Colo-Nordic Lord questline, as a labyrinth of trials for incumbent nobility. Should be tied to the Shor cult. This will require some edits (replace the imperial monument with a shor shrine, that kind of thing)
NOTE: edits to the Reman ruins interiors will affect this cell slightly. Should mostly be alright, just have to move some crates to prevent clipping

PC_i2-28 Salvage Mine
Small mineshaft, iron ore.
NOTE: a sober, straightforward interior. Appears to be still in use, mineshaft exploited by a private person, maybe an Anvil nobleman.
NOTE: Will need miners, maybe add a firepit etc. on the outside to signal that it is a "friendly" interior.
NOTE: Add a road to the mine? It's very isolated. See if there can be a way through from berry's claim

PC_i2-29 Lost Stars Hollow/Nefa
Cave leading to a very impressive lost Ayleid burial chamber. Two-part interior.
NOTE: the burial chamber is undisturbed, player might need to solve a puzzle/find a key to enter. Maybe Mages Guild quest material? Guarded by Ayleid spirits.

PC_i2-30 Lotal Cave
Medium cave ending in a small abandoned mine, consists of two cells. Contains a complex secret door, someone is trying to hide here. Maybe a vampire den, there's a rather civilized nook in the back.
NOTE: wooden bridge could use some more scaffolding to hold it up. Maybe fuss up the planks a little so that it looks less artificial. Same for the mineshaft in second cell.
NOTE: iron grilles used in second cell are off-center due to mesh edits on TR's end.

PC_i2-31 Brina Cross, North Guard Towers
Guard towers and town guard quarters.

PC_i2-32 Brina Cross, Kimoi Manor
Home to an influential merchant, recently murdered.
NOTE: part of a Brina Cross quest proposal

PC_i2-33 Brina Cross, The Crossing Inn
Town inn and tavern
NOTE: should have rentable room set up with safe storage

PC_i2-34 Brina Cross, Medericus Manor
Large, sober manor.

PC_i2-35 Brina Cross, Halgern Manor
Manor of the local noble lord, also town hall.
NOTE: includes a wine cellar

PC_i2-36 Brina Cross, Empty Warehouse
A warehouse.
NOTE: only empty barrels and crates, diversify container loot.

PC_i2-37 Brina Cross, West Guard Towers
Western guard towers. Includes a small underground guard area.

PC_i2-38 Brina Cross, Colovian Traders Warehouse
A warehouse used by a Colovian merchant cooperation. Two workers present.
NOTE: only empty barrels and crates, diversify container loot.

PC_i2-39 Brina Cross, Temple of Mara
Unfinished interior

PC_i2-40 Brina Cross, Mandilaron Sundries
NOTE: interior has two exits.

PC_i2-41 Brina Cross, Maricius' House
Nice middle-class house. Belongs to an ex-legionnaire.

PC_i2-42 Brina Cross, Petri's House
Middle-class house of a Redguard woman who claims to be an ex-legion trooper. Implicated in a misc. quest.

PC_i2-43 Brina Cross, Karlorume's House
Small middle-class house. Home to an Altmer scribe.

PC_i2-44 Brina Cross, Mikol's Shack
Rural-style shack of two Redguard commoners

PC_i2-45 Brina Cross, South Guard Towers
Another pair of guard towers.
NOTE: the underground part here is somewhat nicer, the guard captain can be found here

PC_i2-46 Brina Cross, Bareis' Shack
Rural-style shack, home to a Nordic laborer and his wife
NOTE: Use of exterior shells as makeshift interior walls, fixed

PC_i2-47 Brina Cross, Passus' Shack
Rural-style shack, owner is not at home (lock the door)
NOTE: uses ugly "plastic" ferns that clip through the walls, replace with region-appropriate flora

PC_i2-48 Brina Cross, Varsius' Shack
Rural-style sack, home to another commoner
NOTE: Use of exterior shells as makeshift interior walls, fixed

PC_i2-49 Brina Cross, Ivrol Manor
Home to a local noble and landowner.
NOTE: removed Dunmer book and Dwarven bowl. Fixed bed clipping into wooden post
NOTE: plant bed with a lot of questionable flora and plastic ferns. Should be renovated.

PC_i2-50 Brina Cross, ___
Unfinished cell. Used to be the Saintly Circle place, renovate as a manor or other kind of temple, maybe.
NOTE: Also has a basement

PC_i2-51 Brina Cross, The Standard Issue Smithy
Smithy. Has two entrances, one for the shop and one for the house - maybe lock the latter.
NOTE: Consider replacing the Colovian Prince and Niben Bronze helmets: high-class armor should be more rare. Easy to steal from this shop.

PC_i2-52 Brina Cross, North Wind Merchants
General Merchant
NOTE: yet another interior full of dunmer-specific religious books. Also contained a vanilla small chest, replaced with appropriate container.

PC_i2-5* Brina Cross, Barn
Small barn in fields south of Brina Cross.
NOTE: thiswas added in a exterior spruce-up and has not interior yet. Int can be added along with the interiors for berry's claim.

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Post by Infragris » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:46 pm

Update to the latest data. Lots of little bugfixes, some detailing, mostly stuff in interiors.
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Post by Infragris » Thu May 02, 2019 10:05 pm

Update due to popular demand.

Also included a text files with thoughts and notes on the various interiors. Please take note of the following problem zones:
  • PC_i2-12_01 Strand Mine, Upper Gallery: interesting elevator design, but the reset is kind of annoying. The lever could be replaced by worsas' new animated thing. Have someone with knowhow look at these scripts.
  • PC_i2-16 Valsar: Ayleid ruin, needs an update with new material.
  • PC_i2-24 Gula Cave: Ayleid ruin, needs an update with new material.
  • PC_i2-26 Garlas Agea: Ayleid ruin, needs an update with new material.
  • PC_i2-27 Shor's Teeth: problematic int, lots of bizarre detail and broken scripts. Needs to be rethought.
  • PC_i2-28 Salvage Mine: functioning mine has no road or exterior detail to indicate that it is "friendly".
  • PC_i2-29 Lost Stars Hollow/Nefa: Ayleid ruin, needs an update with new material.
PC_xGC_00 bugfixing.7z
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Post by chef » Thu May 02, 2019 10:14 pm

Will grab this for some exterior touch ups once it's dropped.

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Post by chef » Sat May 04, 2019 5:05 am

Cleaned up rock placement on Garlas Agea's cliff.
Replaced the ring spam on the top of Garlas Agea with terrain.
Made Garlas Agea easier to navigate without jumping.
Removed some hidden meshes in Garlas Agea.
Added invisible collision boxes to make it easier to step onto the platforms of Fort Strand
Smoothed terrain between Fort Strand and the mine.
Added a road (partially in the section file) to Salvage Mine.
Added a small camp outside of Salvage Mine.
Added a small ruin in (-116,-56), (-115,-48)
Extended the cliff section of the Gold Road to make it less steep.
Sunk a floating oak tree.
Fixed Z levels on lily pads.
Added some Nirnroot.
Fixed some minor placement errors in a camp (-117,-56) and (-112,-57)
Added some Green Stain fungus in the north.
Added light grey vertex shading to the shore.
Covered some texture seams with rocks.
Added missing vertex shading between some ground textures.
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Post by roerich » Sat May 04, 2019 3:08 pm

Briefly grabbing this to add a road mantaining construction scenario somewhere on the highway.

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Post by roerich » Fri May 10, 2019 6:54 am


- -113, -49: Added a Legion road maintenance operation
- In the whole area southeast of BC, I moved a lot of trees around to create a more varied cover. There's a little grove around the bandit camp in -114, -49 and barren areas elsewhere. Also placed a few more rocks, and changed textures where appropriate.
-111, -54: Fixed a wrongly placed Ayleid ring piece, removed a rock and repainted a texture.
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Post by chef » Fri May 10, 2019 5:32 pm

Briefly grabbing to fix aloe vera.

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Post by chef » Fri May 10, 2019 7:00 pm

Fixed plenty of aloe vera placement errors and diversified them a bit.
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Post by Kaiel » Sat May 11, 2019 10:28 pm

Claiming to review and update the interiors.

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Post by Kaiel » Wed May 22, 2019 1:15 am

Uploading a WIP due to thunderstorms, halfway done about.
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