Colovian Highlands Exterior: CH_08 [Hal Vincherik] [Design]

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Colovian Highlands Exterior: CH_08 [Hal Vincherik] [Design]

Post by chef » Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:36 am

Design claim, not currently open for claiming.
Area marked CH_08 on this map:

Hal Vincherik is an isolated Highlands settlement. Towns such as these pride themselves on being true Colovians, independent frontiersmen who eke out an existence on the edge of Imperial civilization. Despite this, the town is dependent on trade with the lowlands for most of their necessities, in return, they work in Vincherik mine, logging camps, charcoal burning and goat herding. The town is ruled by the Colo-Nordic house of Linchal. In the southwest is the Sithian Stone. The northwest has a remote natural cave. A small colovian barrow is along the road going north. The southern cells of this claim are sloping upwards from Kvetchi Pass, border cells should be coordinated with KP_08 and 09 when working there.

Assets needed for this claim:

Region references for Colovian Highlands: ... 108&t=1610 ... 108&t=1611
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