Gilded Hills Exterior: GC_11 [Unclaimed] [Brena Crossing]

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Gilded Hills Exterior: GC_11 [Unclaimed] [Brena Crossing]

Post by Infragris » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:25 pm

A part of the Gilded Hills borderlands, coming up to the border with Hammerfell. The main point of interest here is the Brena Crossing Fort, an Imperial Legion installation and tollhouse. The fort can be developed into a mini-settlement with a caravanserai and maybe some tens or small shacks for passing merchants. The actual "crossing" could be a ferry or maybe a bridge if that doesn't look too weird. Whatever mode of passage is chosen, it should be unavailable to the player (as we can't send them to a Hammerfell that doesn't exist).

Somewhat south of here is the location of the Lord Stone, which can be found in activators. These kinds of Doomstones are accompanied by smaller stones using the same textures, which can be found in statics. The smaller stones should be arranged in the shape of the constellation of the Lord, seen here:
The stones should be placed like the stars, with the actual Lord Stone taking the place of a prominent central star.

This claim can use one or two other points of interest, but not too close to the fort.
Check the Claim map topic for information on this region.
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