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Current Claim Map

Post by Infragris » Wed May 10, 2017 8:24 pm

This is the current claim map for the Gold Coast and Gilded Hills regions:
release area 2-3 - Gold Coast_0.121.jpg
Exterior design for the Gold Coast Region
This area is mostly finished, but needs to be updated in some aspects. These are the latest design guidelines for the Gold Coast region (the pale yellow parts on the map):
The Gold Coast is mostly a flat region, interrupted by small hills scattered around the landscape, and a few higher cliffs here and there. There should be more cliffs in the most western parts of the Gold Coast. As always, please make your claims interesting. Add small points of interest that will catch the player's eye, let it be pirate camps, unique rock formations, ruins, cave entrances, etc.

Ground Textures
  • PC_Tx_GC_grass mostly.
  • PC_Tx_GC_grassdirt in small areas and around hills where no groundcover is placed. (see file)
  • PC_Tx_GC_rock_grass around small hills.
  • PC_Tx_GC_rock on cliff and hill sides.
  • PC_Tx_GC_rock_dirt, PC_Tx_GC_sand1/sand2 on the beach
  • PC_Tx_GC_sand3 on seafloor and islands (or special selected areas)
I used a light grey (168, 168, 168) for transitions between ground textures.
Other than that, 98,98,98 for statics on land, 121,121,121 on the seafloor.

PC_Terrain_GC_rock_01-33, feel free to use the terrain bridge, rock stairs etc, too. The cave entrances are called PC_Ex_GC_Cave_exit01 and 02.
Please do not cover the whole landscape with grassy rocks near the cost, I used them only sparingly here: The northern parts of the GC should contain more.

  • Statics:
    • Overall:
      • PC_Flora_GC_Bush_01-02
      • PC_Flora_GC_Shrub01-02
      • some ivy here and there if you wish
    • Southern Gold Coast:
      • PC_Flora_GC_Palm01-05
    • Northern Gold Coast:
      • PC_Flora_GC_Olive01-03
      • PC_Flora_GC_Tree_01-07
      • PC_Flora_GC_Oak01-03 (sparingly...)
      • PC_Flora_GC_Log_01-04
      • PC_Flora_GC_Stump_01-04
  • Near sweet water (do not use these in seawater!), use:
    • PC_Flora_Lilypad_01-03
    • PC_Flora_Cattails_01-03
  • Container plants:
    • Aloe Vera (add variations)
    • Apple Trees (currently not implemented)
    • Dryad's Saddle Polypore (rare)
    • Fennel (North only)
    • Ginseng (add variations)
    • Goldenrod
    • Green Stain Shelf (rare) (currently not implemented?)
    • Lady's Mantle
    • Spike Rice (currently not implemented, use to replace Milk Thistle)
    • Nirn Root (rare/special)
    • Sacred Lotus (water only)
    • St. Jahn's Wort
    • Thungleweed
    • Tiger Lily
    • Water Hyacinth (water only) (add color variations)
Exterior design for the Gilded Hills Region
A rocky highland on the northwestern coast. Serves as a transit region between the coastal lowlands and the Colovian Highlands. Environment is mostly the same as the Gold Coast. The land is craggy and uneven, with high cliffs along the coastline. Vegetation is sparse, especially where the land borders on Hammerfell. Travel is made difficult by the gorge of the Soetar River, which divides the region from the southern grasslands. The city of Sutch rests on a stone spire in this ravine. On the southern border of the region lies Lake Umbranox, source of the local salt industry. Apart from the vineyards on the southern slopes, there is little agriculture.

Ground Textures
Ground textures for the Gilded Hills (GH) are a mix of custom textures and Gold Coast (GC) textures. Claims on the eastern border can use select Colovian Highlands (CH) textures.
  • T_Cyr_TerrGrassGH_01 Most common use
  • T_Cyr_TerrGrassDirtGH_01 Small patches, around hills, or in gullies and canyons
  • T_Cyr_TerrRockGH_01 On cliffs and hillsides
  • T_Cyr_TerrFarmlandGC_01 Use for farmland
  • T_Cyr_TerrMudRiverGC_01 Use in gullies and canyons, sparingly
  • T_Cyr_TerrRoadDirtGC_01 Use for trails and small roads
  • T_Cyr_TerrRoadStoneGC_01 Use for larger roads and cities
  • T_Cyr_TerrSandGC_01 Use for beaches
  • T_Cyr_TerrSandGC_01 Use for beaches
  • T_Cyr_TerrSandGC_03 Use for beaches, underwater
  • T_Cyr_TerrSalt_01 Use for salt mining installations, underwater
  • T_Cyr_TerrSalt_02 Use for salt plains around the lake
  • T_Cyr_TerrSalt_03 Use for salt mining installations, underwater

Light grey (168, 168, 168) for transitions between ground textures
Dark grey (98,98,98) for statics on land
Medium Grey (121,121,121) for statics underwater

Use crazy formations (bridges etc) sparingly. Use more grassy rocks for topside, rocky formations for gullies and canyons, hidden from sight. Top of the plateau should be sparse, not a lot of rock formations.

  • Statics
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_13
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_15
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_16
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_17
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_19
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_20
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_21
    • T_Cyr_Flora_TreeVurt_22
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_Bush_01
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_Bush_02
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_CactusSutch_01
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_Shrub_01
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_Shrub_02
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_TreeOlive_01-03
    • T_Cyr_FloraGC_TreePalm_01-05 Only near the beach?
    • T_Cyr_FloraStr_Tree_01-05 Only in the south, thins out and is completely replaced by the other trees to the north
    • T_Glb_Flora_Cattails_01-03 Near water
  • Container Plants
    • Aloe Vera
    • Apple Trees (on farms and in the wild)
    • *Colovian Grape (cultivated on farms - wait for update)
    • Spike Rice
    • Nirnroot (very rare!)
    • Fennel
    • Lady's Mantle
    • Goldenrod
    • Silver Palm (only near the Hammerfell border)
    • *Salt Rock
    • Dryad Saddle Polypore

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Re: Current Claim Map

Post by Infragris » Wed May 10, 2017 8:34 pm

Exterior design guidelines for the Gilded Hills will follow as soon as the necessary assets have been cobbled together.

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Re: Current Claim Map

Post by Infragris » Tue May 23, 2017 6:05 pm

Updated with Gilded Hills exterior design

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Re: Current Claim Map

Post by Moritius » Sun May 28, 2017 5:30 pm

Infragris wrote:
Wed May 10, 2017 8:24 pm
Don't tell me you actually gonna use this ugly ass thing :lol:. Besides of textures having some issues, model is a bit incorrect, also flower is not right... I should've remake it :P.
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Re: Current Claim Map

Post by Infragris » Sun May 28, 2017 7:07 pm

go for it. Flora like this can be placed, and upgraded later. do mind, that there are other flora meshes that are in dire need of an upgrade, like the grapevines

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