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Skyrim Imperial legion

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While the imperial legion isn't a joinable faction yet, I'm creating this thread to discuss potential questlines in case we decide to make them joinable in the future.

The legion is currently stretched thin across the Reach and as a result Fort Athon is focused on recruiting making it an ideal place for the player to enlist.

I was thinking as part of the Fort Athon quests the fort commander could as the player to gain the trust of a group of new reachmen recruits(Maybe 3/4) as he knows little about them and fears they may be unloyal or unreliable. This would lead to a few misc quests provided by the leader of the group (Ceallaigh or something like that). He mentions that he has a sister in Markarth, they haven't seen each other in a long time and he asks if you could find out what happened to her. She could be working in the city as a maid or something, upon hearing that her brother joined the legion she will give you some enchanted item to protect him. The player can decide to keep the item for themselves or give it to Ceallaigh.

Maybe an extra quest here idk

After complaining about the prices of beer/mead at the inn, Ceallaigh can send you to retrieve some mead that his group have kept hidden out in the wilderness somewhere. Upon finding the stash the player finds some evidence that Ceallaigh's group are former bandits/reachmen raiders.

They can inform the commander leading to their arrest or a fight or they can return the mead and gain Ceallaigh's trust. He would then open up to the player by telling him that he was part of a group of bandits preying on merchants/travellers in the Reach. After seeing how well his sister is doing and after drinking/bonding with the other legionnaires he decides that his loyalty lies with the legion. To prove this the player and the recruits go to the bandit/reachman hideout and confront them. This can go few different ways if the player fails the earlier quests they can be lead into a trap, Ceallaigh or the player can challenge the bandit leader to a fight to the death(If the player keeps the enchanted item from earlier Ceallaigh might be more likely to die). While the bandit leader might not be reasoned with Ceallaigh might be able to convince the others to stop preying on travelers. The player can also decide to kill all of the bandits and maybe lose some disposition with the recruits.

Returning to the commander the player may receive the bounty for the bandit and vouch for the loyalty of the recruits. Might still be able to tell the commander about their shady past idk.

Could be orcs or nords instead of reachmen. This was just a rough idea I had and I wanted to write it down before forgetting it.

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