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Political factions of Skyrim

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:54 pm
by Charger24
Result of much discussion on Discord

Primary contenders for the High Kingship (and SHOTN MQ "factions")
  • Thian, son of Eyrfin "the Warlike" and Hania (Septim?) - King of Haafinheim and Jehanna, King-consort of Danstrar*, suzerain to the Jarls of Dunbarrow, Hraggstad, Falkirstad, Dunstad*, and the Jarl-Chieftains of the Hjaal. An ambitious young king who means to make a play for the Ruby Throne once Uriel VII dies. Inherited his father's occupation of Jehanna and Snowline in High Rock.
  • Eisir, daughter of Erarne - Queen of Winterhold and Protector of Shalidor's Gift. A forward-thinking mage-queen trying to unite the Old Holds against Haafingar expansionism.
  • Grovald, son of Bjeld "the Watchful" - King of Falkreath, suzerain to the Jarls of Hal Norvold, Helgen, and Oakwood, by blood Keeper of Hrol'dan. Aging, genial king who prizes good relations between the Holds and wants to keep the Empire engaged in Skyrim. Inherited his father's tenuous occupation of Elinhir.

Supporters of King Thian
  • Macalla, daughter of Fanrik - Queen of Danstrar, the North Shores, and the Pale, suzerain to the Jarls of Bardmont, Jormar, Yngvild, and Amol**. A fierce young woman wary of potential threats on all sides.

Supporters of Queen Eisir
  • Asgan "Grey-Mantle" (occasionally "Asgan the Ancient"), son of Hjomar - King of Eastmarch, suzerain to the Jarls of Kynholm, Skerd, and Vernim. An old and bitter man, clinging to age-old grudges against Riften and Danstrar.
  • Styrnjolf, son of Galmvar - King of the Rift, suzerain to the Jarls of Grond, Nimalten, and Songard. A young and inexperienced king, caught in the middle of a vicious rivalry between Jarls after the untimely death of his father.

Supporters of King Grovald
  • Barda "the Builder", son of Vongyd(Vyrnod?) - King of the Reach, suzerain to the Jarls of Beorinhal, Dragonstar, and Karthwasten. Cautious son of a war hero, trying to keep powerful and jingoistic vassals in line and prevent another war.
  • Jsashe*** - Witch-Queen of Whiterun, First Priestess of Lorkhan in the Coven of Silent Moons, suzerain to the Jarls of Blackmoor, Lainalten, New Teed, and Riverwood. An inscrutable mystic with unclear aims, brought to power in a popular uprising after a series of crises wracked White Hold.

  • Ylgnar "the Quiet", son of Drigvild - King of Hrothgar, suzerain to the Jarl of Ivarstead, Necklace-Bearer of the Throat of the World. A middle-aged but formidable king with no intention of involving Hrothgar in political conflicts.

*Establishment of the Jarldom of Dunstad (replacing County Dunstad) and the Dawnstar marriage to occur during Haafingar questline
**Amol is disloyal, conspiring with Eastmarch since its seizure decades ago
***Jsashe is a potentially rogue actor

Potential plot hooks and main drivers, from PGE3 and other:

Thian questline:
  • Unrest in Hjaalmarch
  • Forming an alliance with Dawnstar via marriage
  • "Exploratory missions" throughout the Sea of Ghosts
  • Conquest of Roscrea
  • Co-opting Jsashe?
  • Securing the High Rock conquests (covered by HR427?)
Eisir questline:
  • Rescuing the relics of the Ysmir Collective "from destruction in the East"
  • Handling the arrival of "refugees from Morrowind"
  • Countering Haafingar expansion into Sea of Ghosts
  • Securing support from the other Old Holds (potentially involving Amol?)
  • Settling the Eastmarch-Rift rivalry
  • Killing Jsashe?
Grovald questline
  • Preventing an all-out war over the High Kingship
  • Averting war between the Reach and Falkreath over Jarl Horir's attack on Old Hrol'dan (may be part of the Reach questline)
  • Fighting the Hörme bandits
  • Holding on to tenuously-controlled territory from the War of the Bend'r Mahk (ties into Reach questline?)
  • Keeping Jsashe under control/bound by traditional institutions
  • Securing the allegiance or cooperation of Hrothgar?
EDIT: Updated some of the names to connect to Arena rulers, and wrote a short description of each one.

Re: Political factions of Skyrim

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:23 pm
by Charger24
I've made a graphic to illustrate the SHOTN Hold rulers' connections to Arena rulers.

Names in italics were not in Arena, but would have lived during the time. Queen Hania's exact connection to the Septim lineage is unsettled.

Re: Political factions of Skyrim

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:11 am
by Charger24
Updated the rulers graphic to add the Septim connections for Haafingar and Winterhold, and some names to fill the gaps of the intervening years. Also added Barda's heirs, and came up with a few (completely hypothetical) heirs for the older kings and queens.


There's also this, a rough (and hopefully not too hard to read) sketch of relations between the Kings and Queens of Skyrim at the beginning of SHOTN.


Re: Political factions of Skyrim

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:04 pm
by Charger24

Small update to Whiterun and Rift sections.