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Quest ideas from Discord

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Quest ideas from Discord

Woodland Trickery

Vorndgad Forest misc quest.

Somewhere in the Vorndgad Forest you'll come across some scantily clad Nordic women, they'll invite you to join them at their residence for they were attacked by some monsters that they need you to slay. When entering their cave lair residence, and seeing the corpses of the dead adventurers they've killed, they reveal their true form. The Spriggans then attack the player.

Reward: the equipment of former victims

Reaching for Love

Reachmen quest for the Mairagarr Tribe in the Druadach Highlands.

A son wishes to leave the tribe and go to Dragonstar to find a girl that had visited the tribe recently to trade goods. His mother asks you to convince him to stay. You can either do as his mother asks and convince him, or essentially tell him to go for it (in which he leaves, pissing off the mother).

Reward from the mother if you do as she asks, reward from the son if you tell him to follow his heart.

Reaching for Love Part 2

Follow up quest. If you convince him to stay, a few days later he'll leave anyways. Asking the Reachmen at the tribe tells you he left for Dragonstar via the main road, however upon asking people in Dragonstar about him, no one's seen him.

You can find his corpse on the road about halfway from the camp with signs that he was killed by bandits. Upon telling the mother of her son's corpse, she asks you to murder the bandits in retribution.

Alternatively, his killers could be another reachmen tribe, getting some nice interplay between tribes.

The Fateful Guest

Someone in Dragonstar has a visitor who claims they used to live in their house before the War of Bend'r Mahk, and is there to offer the owner an exciting investment opportunity (one that neither owner or guest is willing to discuss). However, no one in the city remembers them.

After some investigating you find out that the person died there during the war. Upon confronting the visitor, they reveal themselves to be a Daedra in the service of Clavicus Vile. The Daedra then tells the player that it's too late and the owner has already agreed to their terms and has pledged their soul to the Daedric Prince.

You may either kill the Daedra to break the oath before he returns to his master, or let them be and allow the owner to carry on with their doomed soul.

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