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Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:53 am
by Yeti
Feel free to use this thread to contribute characters and dialogue for Dragonstar. To get us started, I'll post some dialogue I've been slowly working on:

Redguard Greetings

Player is a Redguard

Welcome to Dragonstar, my Redguard brother. Tava watch over us. What brings you to our northern Tomba?

Welcome to Dragonstar, my Redguard sister. Tava watch over us. What brings you to our northern Tomba?

Greetings to you, Ra Gada. Do you seek someone in particular in Dragonstar? A specific place? Ask and I will answer.

You have come to Dragonstar, a Crown city in these northern lands. How might I help a fellow Ra Gada?

Redguard – high disposition – first greeting

You have come to Dragonstar, traveler, a Crown city in these northern lands. How might I help?

For a foreigner, you don’t look so bad. Need help finding your way around Dragonstar? Ask and I will answer.

Redguard – high disposition

Tava watch over us, friend. Has Dragonstar been treating you well?

We meet again, friend from foreign lands. Have you found your way in Dragonstar?

Redguard – low disposition – first greeting

Yes, nudriman? What do you want? You shouldn’t wander around Dragonstar, heedless of danger.

Why do you walk Dragonstar’s streets, foreigner? Do you seek someone in particular? A specific place? Speak quickly.

Redguard – low disposition

We meet again, nudriman. If you need services, go bother a nudri peddler.

Why do you still walk Dragonstar’s streets, nudriman? Speak quickly.

Dragonstar West - Normal Greetings

High disposition – first greeting

You have come to Dragonstar, traveler, a city on the border with Skyrim. How might I help?

You’re in Dragonstar, %PCClass. Dragonstar West, ruled by the Crowns of Hammerfell. Are you looking for someone in particular or a specific place?

High disposition

We meet again, %PCClass. Have you found what you need in Dragonstar?

Hello again, %PCRace. If you’re still looking for services in Dragonstar West, try the bazaar.

Low disposition – first greeting

You’re in Dragonstar West, stranger. You shouldn’t wander the streets aimlessly. The Crowns might think you’re up to something.

What are you doing in Dragonstar, %PCClass? The Crowns don’t like strangers in their city.

Low disposition

Yes, we’ve spoken before, %PCName. Why are you still wandering the streets?

What are you still doing in Dragonstar, %PCRace? The Crowns are going to start watching you.

Dragonstar East - Normal Greetings

High disposition – first greeting

You have come to Dragonstar, traveler, a city on the border with Hammerfell. How might I help?

You’re in Dragonstar, %PCClass. Dragonstar East, ruled by Jarl Jona the Ansei-Ender. Are you looking for someone in particular or a specific place?

High disposition

We meet again, %PCClass. Have you found what you need in Dragonstar?

Hello again, %PCRace. I hope Jarl’s guards haven’t been giving you trouble.

Low disposition – first greeting

You’re in Dragonstar, stranger. Be careful what you do. The Jarl’s guards are watching.

You shouldn’t wander Dragonstar’s streets, stranger. People will think you’re up to something.

Low disposition

What is it now, %PCName? Can’t you find your own way around Dragonstar East?

Yes, %PCName? What do you still want in Dragonstar?

Dragonstar West - Topics

Sogat Dur-Gada – Redguards

You talk of the eastern resistance, %PCRace. They are patriots, fighting to defend our homeland. Like the HoonDing, they guard the Yoku against the foreigners and infidels. May their swords land heavy blows!

Little secret
Be careful around the devotees of Satakal, the Serpent God. They are madmen, roaming the streets naked, rolling in the dirt. But they are also holy and pious. Pay them respect -- and pray you never see them “shed” their skin.

Unique Dialogue

Border guards


You’ll find no passage here, %PCRace. This is the Tro-Tuktura border post. The road to Hammerfell is blocked to aimless drifters like you.


Turn back, %PCRace. Your drifting ends at the gates of Tro-Tuktura. Only lawful traders, Imperial officials, and the friends and kin of the Crowns may pass.




Yes, %PCClass? Are you here for training or to buy spells? You wouldn’t come to the Guild of Mages without a reason.


I am %Name, a Mage, spell merchant, and Guildmagister of the Dragonstar Mages Guild. I have been with the guild a long time.


Not many people come to me for training. Redguards in these parts don’t like magic much. Most are too ignorant and superstitious to see its value. A pity.

Jarl Jona the Ansei-Ender

Fighters Guild

Those scum? I had them banished from my city ages ago. The fools fought against us in the battle for Dragonstar. I would’ve killed them all if they hadn’t fled the city afterwards. Cowards!

[Shadowkey Tavern Thieves Guild Leader]


Good day, %PCRank. Pull up a stool and order a drink. If you’re after a job, I might have one or two to offer.

Yeah? Who are you? You aren’t in the guild. That much I know. Can’t a %Race enjoy a tankard of ale without being bothered? Go away. Or do you want to join the Thieves Guild?


The name’s ___, %Class and %Rank in the Thieves Guild. I’m the boss in Dragonstar. No one picks a lock or mugs a merchant in this town without me letting them.

People call me ___. Why do you want to know? Are you working with the guards? Tell them to go sniff a wormmouth’s arse. I’m not talking.


Well, the place has seen better days, what with all the damn guards marching around. That’s why I like to keep to the Shadowkey Tavern. Good drink and a warm fire helps you forget the Reach’s troubles.

[Mara’s House – Nord Priestess]


Welcome, friend, to the House of Mara. May the Divine Mother bless you with compassion and virility in these harsh times. I regret needing to ask, but would you be able to aid Mara's work?


I am a priestess of Mara, the mother goddess. I oversee this house of worship, giving shelter to the poor and weary.

Mara's work

My work here is sponsored by the Imperial Cult, along with other benefactors. Mara's compassion is universal - recognized in both the Nord and Imperial pantheons. But there is never enough gold for everyone in need. Would you be willing to help me collect donations from the city's citizens? You would earn the Goddess's gratitude.

[Mara’s House – Imperial pauper]


Who are you? Another drifter looking for home? Doesn’t matter where you go. You can’t escape your troubles. Not even in Mara’s House.


I was here. All those years ago. During the war. Lost my sister in the Second Battle of Dragonstar. Or was it the third battle? Doesn’t matter, I suppose.


I can still see it all. At night. When the dreams come. People cut down by sword and ax in the streets. The smoldering smell of fire drifting over the city. Why can’t I forget? Why?

Mara’s House

A good place. ___ takes care of us. Makes sure we have a warm place to sleep. It won’t make me forget what I’ve seen, but it helps.

[Mara’s House – Nord Woman]


Want to hear a war story? Then get lost. I’m no braggart. My background ain’t anything to be proud of.


My name’s Hjori. I’m a warrior. Or I used to be, at least. I fought in the war. In Dragonstar. Helped Jarl Jona the Ansei-Ender capture half the city. And what did it get me? Nothing. I’m poor as dirt. Not a bit of dignity or honor left.


When I think of all the blood we spilled over this dirty city -- it makes me angry.

Mara’s House

Maybe I don’t deserve to live here after all I’ve done, but it’s good to have a place to call home.

Jarl Jona the Ansei-Ender

Glory hogging bitch. Long may she reign and all that nonsense. Wish they’d made me a Jarl for fighting in the war.



If you’re looking for the arena, you’ve found it, pal. I’m Rekir, the pit boss. You look like you can put up a fight. Want to take on Orgak gro-Ulagash? I’ll tell you the rules first.


You want my name? Rekir. Thought I told ya that already. Most call me the arena pit boss, like my pa was in his day.


The arena here ain’t what it used to be. These days, the Jarl’s guards treat the place like their personal training ground, the way they come stomping in all the time. And with the Fighters Guild gone, there ain’t as many willing competitors around. But we still put on fights with gladiators and beasts. Course, the rules are a bit different than when my pa was the pit boss.

Fighters Guild

You won’t find the Fighters Guild in Dragonstar, pal. The Jarl had them chased out of the city after they sided with Hammerfell in the war. If you’re looking for a fight, the arena’s the only place in town.

My pa

His name was Tekin. He’s been dead years now, but maybe you’ve heard of him? He ran the arena before me. Had me here cleaning up blood since I was little. Great place for a lad to grow up.

The rules

It used to be that you’d fight to the death and there were no rules. That was back during the war, when my pa was in charge. But now we’d run out of fighters if we had them hacking each to pieces all the time. Now we try to only kill beasts and criminals. Those fights are always popular with the fans.

take on Orgak gro-Ulagash

You interested? He’s the big Orc over there with the bad temper. He’s maimed and killed a number of my fighters, and I can’t afford to lose more. Want to try fighting him? In a death match? You’d get a hefty prize for getting rid of him for me.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:09 am
by roerich
Important NPC's [WIP]

Dragonstar East

Jarla Jona the Ansei-Ender, Female Nord Noble
Jarl of Dragonstar and Karthwasten, vassal of the Kingdom of the Reach. A hero from the War of Bend'r Mahk, the war never really stopped for Jona. She is (perhaps rightfully) paranoid, bitter, draconic, hotheaded and completly unpredictable. She has a huge and loyal hird of soldiers, rivalling the force of King Barda. She is hell-bent on rooting out dissent and insurgents in her lands, and she dreams of conquering the rest of Dragonstar, which she feels was robbed from her by the Imperial intervention. There are people working behind the scenes to make her King Barda's successor, instead of his two sons.

Balimor, Male Bosmer Bard
Undercover Blades Agent spying on the court of Jarla Jona.

Secucius Ceria, Male Imperial Pawnbroker
Undercover Blades Agent

Malrec, Male Breton Bookseller
Young bookworm with an unhealthy interest in occultism, daedrology and shadow magic.

Tanyin, Female Redguard Knight
Retired knight loyal to Skyrim. From Shadowkey. Constantly on the death list of Redguard insurgents.

Dalach, Male Reachman Thief
Local ruthless gangleader, rival of the TG

Friga Dragon-Singer, Female Nord Bard
Dragon Cultist. Sings lullabies to Alduin.

Dragonstar West

Prince Alak'tol, Male Redguard Noble
Smuggled out of besieged Karthwasten as an infant, the prince has grown up in exile from most of his 'rightful' lands.

Vemad, Male Redguard Knight
Knightly order relocated to Dragonstar.

Eranthos, Female Altmer Mage
MG Guildmaster

Selim, Male Redguard Rogue
Leader of the Cult of Diagna.

Ondel Varus, Male Imperial Merchant
Wealthy merchant, operating a caravan route between Dragonstar and Chorrol.

Tivara Clothgen, Female Redguard Commoner
Heir of Teresa Clothgen from Shadowkey. Gatekeeper.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:40 pm
by Yeti
Excellent list, roerich. I just want to point out that Eranthos is supposed to be female. Based on her name, I'd say she's probably either a Bosmer or Altmer.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:58 pm
by roerich
Good catch, I've made her an Altmer instead, since they have the longest livespans.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:59 pm
by Yeti
Shouldn't Jona's title be Jarl instead of Jarla? Jarla isn't actually a female equivalent of the title Jarl (there is none as far as I could find) and TESV used the same title regardless of gender.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:40 pm
by roerich
Probably. That title has been around here for longer than me.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:32 pm
by Yeti
Along with Dragonstar, there are a number of small settlements in this section that will require some modest dialogue. They include:

1. The collection of Reachmen villages on the mesa east of Dragonstar.
2. The small Reachmen village in the canyon leading north from Dragonstar.
3. The small camp of Orc nomads north of Dragonstar.
4. Taurus Hall.

What are the most recent plans for these locations? And what tribes live in the Reachmen villages? Taliesinn? Farrun? Braign?

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:53 pm
by worsas
The reachmen in the mesa east of Dragonstar were proposed to belong to the Taliesinn tribe. The Taliesinn were at some point planned to be affected by a local wereboar plague, thus I made a nearby cavern with imprisoned, infected clan members.

The reachmen in the canyon were at some point intended to be members of the Braign tribe.
This tribe lives spread out along the eastern part of the Druadach Highlands (villages at -109, 6 and -112, 16). The Braignan are known to be unfriendly or even hostile to outsiders, even if less so than the Hunnathan. They live on hunting and maintain some cultic caverns (cavern tomb and cave of trials) around this area.
But I can't guarantee that this is still valid as of now. Hopefully roerich will chime in on this.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:09 pm
by Yeti
Dragonstar West


He was a great hero and power spirit of the ancient Redguards. Across most of Hammerfell his cult has faded into obscurity, but he’s still widely worshiped in the Dragontail Mountains. You can find a temple dedicated to him here in Dragonstar.

Latest rumors

Cultists at the Temple of Diagna are searching for valuable relics that were lost during the war.

Little advice

Many Redguards do not trust western magic. They say it is Tobr’a -- useless and thus evil. You’ll have to go to the Guild of Mages for magical services in Dragonstar.

Little secret

There’s a war being waged in the shadows and alleys of Dragonstar. The empire says it’s here to keep the peace, what has the Imperial Legion done to stop the Crowns and Nords from fighting? Not much, if you ask me.

Prince Alak’tol


Tuktu ansei, nudri. You are bold to approach me in my palace, %PCClass. What do you want from the prince of Dragonstar?


I am Prince Alak’tol No Shira, leader of my clan and rightful lord and Utei of the northern Tomba of Karthwasten. I am descended from the Na-Totambu, the ruling kings of Yokuda. As a Crown, I defend and honor the ancient traditions of the Redguard people.


I weep for my city and its children. The foreign swords strike carelessly. Honor is foreign to them, as Skyrim’s cold winds are foreign to the Ra Gada.


It is my throne-city. I was only an infant when the invaders slew my parents in battle. I was saved, smuggled out of my father’s palace to one day revenge our clan and reclaim our lands.

Jarl Jona the Ansei-Ender

The barbarian warlord defiles our throne-lands. Innocent blood stains her warriors’ swords.

Sogat Dur-Gada

They are brave. And proud. But also foolhardy. They rage at the Nords, fighting for our lands and honor. But their careless blades will never land a deathblow. I cannot hope to sway or caution them.

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Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:13 pm
by Yeti
Dialogue for Taurus Hall

Greetings – High Disposition

Well met, citizen. Welcome to Taurus Hall Legion Fort. You’ll be safe here from the unrest in Dragonstar. Now how might I assist you?

Welcome to Taurus Hall, citizen. Do you need help finding your way around the fort? Or are you looking for someone in particular?

Greetings, citizen. What brings you to Taurus Hall Legion Fort?

Greetings – Low Disposition

Very well, citizen. This is Taurus Hall Legion Fort. What do you want here? Have you fled the unrest in Dragonstar?

What is it, citizen? This is Taurus Hall Legion Fort, a border fort close to Hammerfell. The road to Dragonstar is right outside the gates. Move along.

Yes, stranger? What do you want? This is Taurus Hall. Are you looking for someone in particular?

Greetings – High Disposition – Second

We meet again, Citizen %PCName. I don’t blame you for not wanting to leave the safety of Taurus Hall. Is there anything else you’d like to ask?

Good to see you again, %PCName. Have you found all you need at Taurus Hall? Or are you looking for something in the local area?

Greetings – Low Disposition – Second

What is it now, citizen? Taurus Hall is no place for wayward travelers. Move along.

Well, what do you want now, citizen? There isn’t much to see around Taurus Hall.


The city would fall into chaos without the Legion garrison here to keep the peace. No one is lining up to express their gratitude.

Local area

The divided city of Dragonstar is just a short ways up the road. The village of Haimtír can be found on the mesa to the south. Northwatch on the northern coast and Fort Tiber in the Sundered Hills region are the nearest Legion forts.

Someone in particular

General ____ is our commander, but she spends most her time at the Imperial Legion Quarters in Dragonstar. Geriod sells weapons and armor and Friga the Traveler stocks potions. Cypriana is the priest posted at the Imperial Cult Shrine.

Taurus Hall

Our fort guards the road to Dragonstar and the Hammerfell boarder. We’re here to keep the peace in these wild lands.



Blessings of the Divines, citizen. Pray to the Gods, and they will protect you in these difficult times.



Good day, %PClass. Fancy a look at my arsenal? I’ve got everything you need to survive the wild lands of the Reach.

Friga the Traveller


Hello, %PCRace. What brings you to Taurus Hall? Are you interested in looking through my stock of potions? In a land as dangerous as the Reach, they might save your life.

Jodarus Belechor


Go on, %PCClass. Take a look at my wares. No need to walk all the way to the Dragonstar Bazaar for quality goods. I've got all you need here.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:25 pm
by Yeti
Just as a reminder, anyone is free to contribute dialogue here. In fact, please do. The Dragonstar Section needs a lot of writing to cover its characters and locations, and I can easily see this becoming a bottleneck for us.

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:52 pm
by Texafornian
Is the Redguard Greetings section intended to be filtered for both DSW and DSE? It looks like all entries work for both sides except for "You have come to Dragonstar, a Crown city in these northern lands. How might I help a fellow Ra Gada?"

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:56 pm
by Luxray
I think the inference is that there will be very few, if any, Redguards in DSE.

Re: Dragonstar - Dialogue

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:41 am
by Tristior
There are a couple, though. Tanyin will definitely need to avoid this.

My suggestion on Discord was to slightly change it to "You have come to Dragonstar, still a proud Crown city in these northern lands."