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Dragonstar West - Mages Guild Quests

Post by Texafornian » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:06 pm

Brainstorm ideas here.

Possible first quest: The Reachmen and the Ring

As the DS Mages Guild's newest member (or applicant), you're tasked with the menial work that no else will do. While hunting south of the city, <NPC Name>, a friend of the Eranthos, the guildmaster, was ambushed by a group of Reachmen. He managed to escape with his life, but dropped his magic ring while fleeing. Before sending the player off to talk to <NPC Name>, Eranthos notes that a Detect Enchantment spell would be helpful. Talking to <NPC Name> reveals that he chased some game to a natural arch just south of Dragonstar West and was ambushed there; the ring is most likely somewhere in the bushes immediately under/around it. The quest ends after the player returns the ring and notifies the questgiver.

The player would have to be careful not to aggro the nearby Reachmen.
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