Discussion of item values and other stats

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Discussion of item values and other stats

Post by worsas » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:52 pm

Let's use this thread whenever we spot some stats or values that seem out of place.

Currently I'm thinking about the Reachmen flin weapons. I don't have their values infront of myself now, but I believe to remember that they had a fairly strong damage to them. Maybe something more along the lines of other tribal weapons like the chitin weapons of the ashlanders would make sense?

The other piece of equipment I'm thinking about is the nordic steel armor. Current both the direnni and the nord steel armor have the same AR- value, but the money price of the nord steel gauntlet is 35 gold and the one of the direnni bracer 450. There seems to be a slight mismatch in place. Any suggestions on how the stats should be like?

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