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by psychotrip
Fri May 29, 2020 2:28 am
Forum: Summerset Discussion
Topic: Altmeri Cuisine
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Altmeri Cuisine

According to the discord chat, some people think I should start posting some of the ideas I have for Altmeri culture. I'll start with something small and (hopefully) not lore-breaking with this post I wrote up a long time ago on Altmeri cuisine. I've edited a bit of the references to remove terms fr...
by psychotrip
Thu May 28, 2020 9:30 pm
Forum: Summerset Discussion
Topic: Visual design for Altmer clothes and armor
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Re: Visual design for Altmer clothes and armor

Just adding some more of the stuff we've discussed on the discord. Like I said over there, we're not trying to rip any one of these styles or cultures so much as we're trying to take elements of them all to create something that feels new. Similar to what Bethesda did for the dunmer. We're trying to...

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