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by Drathar
Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:39 am
Forum: Modder Showcase
Topic: Drathar's SHoN exterior showcase
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Drathar's SHoN exterior showcase

Hi, I decided to post here one of my exterior work, as Roerich suggest on discord. Some time ago I worked on Bleak Rock Isle in more lore friendly aproach, and this is what it look. It's small island very close to Solstheim southern coast. I started this mod with idea on mind to make area for few qu...
by Drathar
Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:42 am
Forum: HR Concept Art
Topic: Drathar's High Rock Concept Art
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Drathar's High Rock Concept Art

Here I will posting every concept art I make for HR. Here's three armors form diferent regions of High Rock. Depending on location armors have unique look. I want to catch accretions from...
by Drathar
Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:35 pm
Forum: Modder Showcase
Topic: Drathar's concept art showcase
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Drathar's concept art showcase

Hi everyone! Been following PT for some time and finally decided try to help with bring High Rock to life. Here's some of my work for project to Gothic 2, my personal attempt to create some outfits from Cathnoquey and newest concept directly for HR 427. Thanks for your time and apologise for my terr...

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