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Project Tamriel, despite its name, is actually a collection of individual mod projects that work on several provinces of Tamriel in the worldspace and timeline of TES III - Morrowind. These projects used to have separate websites and teams but, at some point, decided to join up together under the banner of Project Tamriel.

We work in close cooperation with Tamriel Rebuilt and aim to provide content compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt's version of the Morrowind Mainland. By now we are already sharing a common set of assets, known as [Tamriel Data].

Tamriel Rebuilt's and Project Tamriel's version of Tamriel diverges from the one seen in the later games by Bethesda in many points. We are pursuing our own take on lore, elaborated in detail [here]. However, bits and pieces of lore from later games - as well as from Arena and Daggerfall - are incorporated where applicable.

Skyrim: Home of the Nords
As the name says, this project is concerned with the creation of the province of Skyrim in the world-space of TES III. Skyrim: Home of the Nords has already existed before the game Skyrim was even announced and there are a number of differences from the province seen in TES V - Skyrim. Nevertheless, we keep incorporating elements from the main series into our work aside from adding things which were missed or ret-conned by Bethesda.

Province: Cyrodiil
The aim of this project is to provide an alternative version of the province of Cyrodiil with more cultural and political fidelty than Bethesda's version for TES IV. Based on lore from the Pocket Guides to the Empire and other additional sources, we’re also basing our creations on a jungly and subtropical environment rather than the conflicting, more generic landscapes seen in Oblivion.

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Outreach: Organization and Planning for the Future

Well, here we are once again. This will be our fourth forum change, and with that comes another load of work and re-organization. With the amount of work we have done thus far, this won't be too extensive a task, and bringing over vital info from our previous forums shouldn't be too difficult. Concept art/pictures, lore/books, files (obviously) and our biggest ideas should come first. the rest is second tier priority.

When I started this mod back in 2011 with Ryu, I wasn't expecting to get even a foot off the ground with this. Yet, even with the bit we have done now I've always been blown away by what we've accomplished. Our facebook page gets more likes every day, and more people are becoming interested in this, thus the reason for my return to the modding scene. Nevertheless, with this comes a good deal of responsibility, one I may have shirked in the past, for which I apologize. But with so much behind us and so much ahead, I'm forced to look forward to the future of this mod, both for myself, and the others who've invested so much time into this.

Le Grimacier has been a HUGE part of this mod, providing models, textures, renders, concepts, and many other valuable assets. To that, he has my thanks, as the most active of us here. Ratfink333 has also been a fairly large contributor to the project, providing much as Grim has, on Senchal and just helping keep the project active. Way to go Ratfink. Along with Ryu, who heavily assisted me, if not lead the project (You rock, dude), there are many others who have helped along the way, and for that, you have my gratitude. We come to another matter now, the future of this mod, and what it's fate shall be.

To be blunt, we can't stop working on it. We've all invested too much time in this, we can't back out now. I've been AWOL from the modding scene for a little over a year, doing Oblivion mods on/off in my spare time. This was always on my backburner, but it slowed to the point where I thought it was a lost cause for a long time. But now, as Project Tamriel is giving us a chance at rebirth, we can continue on, if we are all willing. I'd spent a little over 400 hours planning and organizing things with this mod, whether it be writing, planning, talking with Ryu or debating locations on the forums. And I'd hate to see that go to waste. I'm sure the other members of the forum would agree, our vision of Elsweyr is a grand one, and we've already got 'two feet in the footholds' as it were.

So What say we all get back in, and give this another go at full force? Who's with me?

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